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We are a four season destination at Hideaway Lodge. Our cabins are cool and comfortable in the heat of the summer and warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Each season offers its own activities and opportunities, as well as showcasing the natural beauty of the various landscapes of the Boreal Forest region of northwest Ontario.


While temperatures can range, generally by mid to late June, many species of fish come up into the shallows to spawn. This can offer some of the best shallow water casting, spinning and jigging for trophy lake trout, northern pike, walleye, bass and crappie! Springtime weather is also great to get out into the wilderness and find some antler sheds the Giant whitetail bucks lost the year before, view bald eagles as they feed their young in the nest, watch muskies do their mating dance in the shallows of the crystal clear waters or witness some of the most amazing sunrises/sunsets of the year!


Warm summer weather moves most fish species to their respective summer basins. Casting for Muskies, northern pike, small mouth and largemouth bass, jigging or trolling for walleye and lake trout ensure successful summer trips. The beautiful days also move you to dip your toes into the water at the beach, try out a paddle board/Kayak adventure along the shores of the Crow Lake, go for a sunset boat cruise or just hang out with good company around the deck or fire pit. Summer is a wonderful time to bring the whole family and enjoy the outdoors!


Although the temperatures can be summer like into mid to late September cooler temperatures and shorter days eventually drive most fish species to school and feed heavily in the fall which in turn leads to some of the fastest multi-species fishing and largest fish of the year. Fall is also the time of year hunting seasons open and you can hunt from mid-August on (depending on species). Black bears and small game are gorging themselves trying to get fat for the winter, Whitetail deer start thinking about finding a mate and waterfowl move through the area to feed on the massive wild rice fields as they stay ahead of the coming freeze!


As temperatures drop and the hundreds of lakes, ponds and waterways freeze up in the Lake of the Woods region it creates incredible snowmobiling, ATV and/or fishing opportunities in areas you can only access by float plane in the summer. You haven't lived unless you have caught a lake trout though the ice. Crappie and walleye fishing is also very consistent all winter long. There are many ice roads that usually lead to the best fishing holes or just get out on your snowshoes and bust the powder in the winter wonderland!

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