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Hunting with the Hanson’s

Since the early 1920’s five generations of our family have hunted this incredibly diverse region of Ontario Canada from the shores of Lake of the Woods, Crow (Kakagi) lake and adjacent waterways. At that time there were no roads, so the waterways were the highways and you hunted, fished and gathered foods that nature provided or you went hungry. Times, travel, expectations and equipment have changed in a big way since the 1920’s but lessons taught to us by previous generations continue to help us provide great hunting experiences to people from all over North America and beyond.

Hunting the western most part of Ontario Canada, our region has areas of Boreal Forest, mixed forest lowland, marsh and beaver pond habitat, logging cuts and some farmland. This region annually produces some of the largest whitetail deer to be found anywhere, black bear, timber (gray) wolf, moose, small game, water fowl and grouse round out some great hunting options

Whitetail Deer

The size of Ontario Canada’s whitetail herd is determined primarily by the length and severity of our northern winters and population of their main predator the timber wolf. Our whitetails have therefore evolved to be generally bigger than their southern cousins. Through the season we will see bucks in the 200 to 250lb range and have taken deer up to 300 lbs when field dressed. Big whitetails thrive in habitat in and around the boreal forest. The remote areas of mature forest, open beaver ponds and meadows, logging cuts and large islands provide a unique mix of deer country and options to hunt them.

Scouting is ongoing through the year, we live here year round, and know that good information and preparation form the foundation for a successful hunt.

We use a variety of methods to hunt our big Ontario Whitetails, from tree stands and ground blinds, to stalking, still hunting and drives all in remote boat-in and ATV access areas. Archery, black powder or rifles are permitted. Whitetail rut generally starts ramping up in late October and calling and rattling can be very successful. If you are looking for a big Canadian whitetail, 4 years or older, typical or non-typical buck, we have the experience, locations and equipment to ensure you a great hunt. Early primitive weapons season starts the end of September. Rifle season dates Oct 10 thru Nov 15 non-resident.

We have specialized in remote boat in hunts for generations, and have the equipment and guides to safely and effectively get your group to areas where Giant whitetails live and very few ever get to hunt. We also have many ATV trails and logging road access if the weather is just too nasty to get across the lakes.

We take great pride in our guides, all are accomplished whitetail deer hunters and enjoy sharing their knowledge of deer and the areas they frequent with our hunters of all ages and skill levels. The guides also hunt black bear, moose, wolf, water fowl, small game and grouse, so being in the field all the time they know the area well, and the patterns of the game they will hunt.

Black Bear

Black bear in our area of Ontario have some of the best natural food sources to be found anywhere, from many types of berries, to wild rice and acorns. Many bears migrate into our areas to feed up in late summer. The wildlife diversity of this area also provides great food sources through the season.

We hunt black bear in two large remote boat-in bear management areas (BMA’s) exclusive to our resort. All hunting is from elevated stands, and all from our remote boat-in locations. We have taken bears of over 500 lbs, with the average being around 200 lbs, and you will usually see several during your trip. Bring the camera as our hunters have seen everything from timber wolf, lynx and fox to whitetail deer, pine marten and raccoon, with lots of birds mixed in.

We offer a limited number of non-resident Ontario Black Bear hunts and also offer Ontario resident hunts. Archery, black powder and rifle hunting in remote locations over bait. We also include a boat and motor for your use for fishing when you are not sitting in the stand, as most hunting is in the afternoon. Season dates Aug 15 thru Sept 20. Contact us for availability of a spring hunt.

Waterfowl and Grouse

The countless wild rice bays, shallow weedy wetlands, adjacent beaver ponds and small lakes make Lake of the Woods a prime stop over for migrating ducks and geese. You will see good populations of mallards, teal, wood-ducks, ring bills and Canada geese as they nest here for the season. Our boreal forest provides a fantastic home for a healthy ruffed grouse population as well.

Access by boat on the big lake can put you in the duck blind in a matter of minutes from our landing on Stevens Bay. Late season hunting includes huge numbers of greater scaup, buffleheads, goldeyes, and many other northern birds that stop and feed in the open water while making their way south on migration paths.

As many waterfowl hunters know, some days it is just too nice for the birds to be flying so many will add in some ruffed grouse hunting or fishing during their trip for something else to do when the weather is not cooperating for the duck blind.

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