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Fishing Packages

From Hideaway Lodge you can launch your boat on Crow (Kakagi) Lake and fish trophy lake trout, muskie, northern pike, small and largemouth bass. You can also trailer your boat to our private launch on Steven's Bay of Lake of the Woods, only 5 minutes away where you can add giant walleye, crappie and perch to your list of species to target. If that's not enough water, Whitefish Bay on Lake of the Woods is a 5km trip North to boat launching options (not included in our prices). We also offer two portage lakes off of Crow (Kakagi) Lake that have fantastic bass and northern pike fishing.

Spring Summer Fishing Combo

Spend a great week with us and enjoy fishing for walleye, northern pike, bass and muskie. Spend two days with a guide and not only learn the area but have great some shore lunches.

Package includes: Lakeside cottage for 7 nights, professional guide/guide boat, bait and shore lunch for 2 days, boat/motor/gas for 4 days, lake maps and advice.

Party of 2 — $1750.00 + HST CDN per person

Party of 3 — $1500.00 + HST CDN per person

If you are interested in a one day fly-in fishing trip, we can arrange that with our local flying services. Pick the species you would like to target and off you go for a Canadian float plane adventure. Enjoy abundant numbers of fish and amazing sites that showcase our area from a different perspective.

Winter Hard Water Guided Package

Spend 2 days with a guide as he brings you out on the ice, drills your holes and cleans your catch.

Package includes: Deluxe winterized cabin for 3 nights, bait, guide with auger, snowmobile and shack. (You bring your own snowmobile/ATV)

Party of 2 - $900.00 + HST CDN per person

Party of 3 or more - $750.00 + HST CDN per person

Other Winter Services

- Fish House Rentals

- Daily Guide Services

- Large Group Discounts

Packages do not include Fishing Licenses, Gratuities or Taxes

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